Direct Primary Care Plus

Access to primary care for individuals and families

Healthcare2U has launched an individual plan in the Direct Primary Care market.  This coverage is usually accessible through an employer group.  Now Healthcare2U will allow anyone to take advantage of this plan.  This plan can be used if you have lost medical coverage or even if you already have medical coverage.  Why DPC Plus plan is combined with an existing medical plan?  If you currently have medical insurance that has a very high deductible or if you are an employer or employee that is trying to keep claims off of your major medical plan, this plan will help in both of those instances.  

Other features of this plan:

- Unlimited Direct Primary Care visits for $10 copay.

- Unlimited Urgent Care visits for $25 copay.

- Annual physical with four labs (6 month wait on this benefit).

- Unlimited Chronic Disease Management for 13 chronic disease states for $10 copay.

- Unlimited Virtual visits for $0 copay.    

- Discounts on RX and other services.

See the attached brochure to get the full details of this plan.  Click the Enrollment link now to sign up for this plan and see the brochure.